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Automatic Delivery

Have heating oil delivered to your home automatically based on your usage. No need to worry about checking the gauge and making a call - we'll monitor your fuel level using industry level forecasting technology. If you're interested in highly accurate, real-time physical monitoring, we also offer this service using a tank-mounted remote device.


Have fuel delivered automatically and pay the current daily rate. Choose to be invoiced or leave a credit card on file.

Locked Rate

Often called a "pre-buy", this program allows customers to purchase a quantity of heating oil at a fixed rate per gallon before the start of the heating season. Customers can choose to pay for this oil up front or enter an installment agreement breaking the payments up over ten months. 


While the majority of our customers like the convenience and protection of our automatic delivery service, some prefer to watch the level of their fuel tank themselves. If this is you, we’re still here for you! If you prefer to call us with your order, that’s fine. We do ask that you remember a few key points:

Please call when your tank level is at about 25%.

Three days’ notice is ideal. While we can make some deliveries within a day in cases of extreme emergency, it is always best to contact us three business days before you need us.

If there’s a storm coming or we’re in the midst of a longer-than-usual cold spell, please allow for a bit of additional time—on top of the three days.

Atlantic Fuels is not responsible for run-outs if you do not provide enough lead time for delivery.

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Out team of dedicated professionals is ready to meet your heating oil needs. As a customer you'll receive high quality heating fuel, best-of-class customer service and the assurance that your heat is our top priority.

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