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Serving the Seacoast, New Hampshire region since 2000.

An Ocean Connection

Atlantic Fuels was founded by Jon Savage in Rye, NH. A passionate commercial fisherman, Jon’s love for the water kept him extremely busy in the summers. To compliment his fishing operation, he purchased his first oil truck in 2000 and started delivering fuel to customers in the seacoast area.

The business grew and in 2004 Jon expanded into a new facility on Route 1 in Rye, adding trucks, drivers and office staff. His commitment to hard work and honest values was magnetic growing the customer base almost entirely on word-of-mouth referrals.

In 2017 Jon sold Atlantic Fuels to one of his favorite customers, Rob Willich. Rob was the perfect successor for the business – a lifetime local of the Portsmouth area, a serious fisherman, and a successful business owner with deep insight into the value of true customer service.

The entire staff of Atlantic Fuels stayed with the company through the transition and continues to serve our excellent customers. The best part of the story is that we still serve many of the same customers from the beginning.

With a fresh look and new products and services, Atlantic Fuels remains committed to Jon’s original vision of what it means to serve our community. The local culture and spirit of the coastal lifestyle fuels our mission every day.

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