Fuel Tank Rental

Atlantic Fuels offers rentals of the innovative FuelCube™ storage tanks.

FuelCube™: Job Site Efficiency Game Changer

Whether you’re building a bridge, repairing a highway, or plowing a commercial parking lot, fuel management is at the top of your priorities. Keeping equipment and staff running smoothly without delays supports project goals and boosts day-to-day productivity. Waiting for a fuel delivery stops machinery and employees from continuing to work, and if not timed right, can cause serious delays. An onsite storage tank for fuel can significantly decrease downtime and increase costs savings by allowing for bulk purchases.

Atlantic Fuels offers rentals of the innovative FuelCube storage tanks. Without having to make a major capital investment, businesses can rely on Atlantic Fuels to provide not only premium on and off road diesel, but also safe, convenient, compliant tanks to store it in.

We’ve also partnered with Wesroc Monitoring Solutions to offer remote LTE Cellular Tank Monitors. This allows us to have a precise understanding of fuel levels and to deliver accordingly, always keeping you ready to work.

Fuel Cube

The FuelCube is a double-walled, above ground fuel tank built for onsite equipment refueling and backup fuel supply. FuelCube fuel storage tanks feature a lockable equipment cabinet, secure hose access to enable fueling while cabinet is locked and are easily stackable up to two high while empty.

Features include:

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Double Wall

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Lockable Equipment Cabinet

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Easily Stackable

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Designed for Stationary Use

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500 or 1000 Gallon Capacity

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Compliant With UL 142, ULC-S601-07 and NFPA 30A

Fuel Cube Rental

Intelligent Fuel Storage

Landscapers Farmers, Ranchers – bring the fuel to the equipment in volume. No maintenance of a fuel cell, pump or need to transfer fuel to and from a main fuel tank.

Trucking. Remote Jobsites – operators won’t need to wait on fuel trucks; tanks can be safely transported to wherever the work is. Easily create a fuel depot anywhere on a jobsite or along a route with no need to build out infrastructure or provide logistical support.

Construction. Hospitals and other users of heavy equipment and standby generators – never fret about scheduling emergency deliveries. With our monitoring solutions and commitment to servicing your needs, the tank will be at optimal levels, guaranteed.

Diesel Delivery

At Atlantic Fuels, we have the experience and the resources to supply the diesel you need to power your business – whether you’re a service company with multiple vehicles, the owner of a fueling station, or anything in between. You need a reliable fuel supplier to ensure you always have enough of it – that’s Atlantic.

If fuel demand/usage fluctuates on a jobsite and calendar scheduling isn’t enough, we offer remote monitoring by Wesroc. You’ll be able to check fuel levels for any of your tanks. We can accommodate daily or weekly fuel level updates. If you like to approve deliveries, we’ll contact you when low, otherwise we can automatically deliver.

For more information about Atlantic Fuels’ portable fuel tank rentals in Southern Maine and Seacoast, New Hampshire, please call us at (603) 964-6967 or email us today.

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