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Atlantic Fuels delivers heating oil to thousands of satisfied customers throughout ME & NH.

Serving our customers since 2000, we understand what you want: reliable, courteous service and trouble-free heating oil deliveries at a guaranteed fair price. That’s what you’ll get from Atlantic Fuels — the area’s leading heating oil supplier!

With automatic heating oil delivery and payment options that work for you, we make it easy to keep your home or business warm throughout the long New England winters.

Heating Oil: Modern Advantages

The expert team at Atlantic Fuels is here to show you how to take full advantage of the versatility of home heating oil. Here’s a look at the benefits of home heating oil:

It’s clean. Cleaner, greener and more economical than ever, the latest systems for oil heat can save you as much as 30% on your annual heating costs. (Savings can soar to near 50% when outdated boilers are replaced with new, high-efficiency oil boilers.)

It’s abundant. The role of the United States is shifting from one of an importer of heating oil, to one of an exporter, primarily due to huge increases in domestic crude oil production. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says this could be the case within the next 10 years, and it’s already the case that most of the heating oil used in the United States is refined domestically.

It’s safe. Contrary to what many believe, it’s important for us to note that oil heat does not—and cannot—explode. On that note, it’s not even a fire hazard. That’s right: Oil heat cannot burn in its liquid state. In fact, combustion cannot happen until the heating oil temperature surpasses 140°F, at which point it vaporizes. Finally, heating oil poses a very low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and in the unlikely event that an oil burner malfunctions (likely a result of negligence in maintenance), the unit will, in most cases, shut the furnace or boiler off.

It’s efficient. Oil heat systems are smart, offering space and operating efficiency ratings as high as 95%. Today’s average boilers and furnaces are comparable in size to three-drawer filing cabinets. The motors for high-efficiency oil furnaces use about 80% less electricity than older motors. They also offer a higher level of consistency in airflow and temperatures. Oil maximizes heating energy, providing efficiency and comfort. For every gallon of oil burned, nearly 140,000 BTUs of heat are produced. That’s the equivalent of about 70,000 60-watt lightbulbs.

Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to meet your heating oil needs. As a customer you’ll receive high quality heating fuel, superior customer service and the assurance that your heat is our top priority.

For more information about Atlantic Fuels’ heating oil deliveries and heating oil prices in Southern Maine and Epping and Rye in New Hampshire, please call us at (603) 964-6967 or email us today.

I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service I experienced today, Sunday. I was running dangerously low on oil and placed a call this morning and within the hour a delivery truck arrived. Can’t beat that! Thank you for helping me avert a potential disaster.”

Dana L. in Portsmouth, NH

“Thank you Julie! I always appreciate you and your company’s prompt service and follow up. So glad I found you guys a couple of years ago, when you bailed me out from not being able to get a timely enough delivery during a cold snap!”

Doug C. in Dover, NH

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Get reliable, hassle-free heating fuel delivery at the best prices in Maine & Southern New Hampshire.