On/Off Road Diesel Fuel

Atlantic Fuels offers top-of-the-line RoadForce® premium diesel.

On-Road Diesel

Atlantic Fuels offers top-of-the-line RoadForce® premium diesel which provides field-proven enhanced engine performance. Helpful not just during the challenging winter months, RoadForce® premium diesel fuel is designed to maintain the integrity and quality of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel through every season. It is rigorously tested to ensure every batch meets our strict standards and maintains the quality our customers have come to expect.

RoadForce® Premium Diesel Benefits: Keeps injectors clean, Improves fuel economy, Improves winter operability, Lowers exhaust emissions, Lowers CFPP and Pour Point, Helps eliminate water from fuel tanks, Reduces dependency on kerosene blending, Disperses wax during extended engine shutdowns, Cleans and prevents injector deposits in high pressure rail systems, Improves your bottom line by saving money and time.

Off-Road Diesel

Atlantic Fuels delivers high quality off-road diesel fuel to customers for use in heavy equipment. Our reliable delivery service paired with a Fuel Cube storage tank and fuel level monitor are the perfect combination for a highly efficient job site.

For more information about Atlantic Fuels’ commercial diesel fuel services in Southern Maine and Seacoast, New Hampshire, please call us at (603) 964-6967 or email us today.

I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service I experienced today, Sunday. I was running dangerously low on oil and placed a call this morning and within the hour a delivery truck arrived. Can’t beat that! Thank you for helping me avert a potential disaster.”

Dana L. in Portsmouth, NH

“Thank you Julie! I always appreciate you and your company’s prompt service and follow up. So glad I found you guys a couple of years ago, when you bailed me out from not being able to get a timely enough delivery during a cold snap!”

Doug C. in Dover, NH

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