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Commercial Heating Fuel

Reliability Delivery, Quality Service

Atlantic Fuels serves organizations of all sizes delivering high quality heating oil to schools, churches, and businesses in the Southern Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire region.

We offer various fixed cost "pre-buy" programs so customers can lock in a rate, and then pay for that fuel in installments to spread out the heating expense over ten months, rather than the burden of concentrated expenses over the shorter heating season.

Our professional staff is here to answer questions, work through challenges, and deliver heating oil before you need it. We offer automatic delivery and 24/7 remote monitoring via a device located on your fuel tank that transmits a wireless signal. We also offer next-day delivery for customer who prefer to monitor their own tank.

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Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to meet your diesel fuel needs. As a customer you'll receive high quality fuel, certified drivers and superior customer service. 
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