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Kerosene Fuel Delivery

Kerosene may be the answer for your home or business! 

Why is kerosene so popular with many residents of New Hampshire and Maine? Compared to heating oil, kerosene is less likely to gel or thicken in very cold weather. As a result, it’s often used in portable space heaters and camp stoves, as well as on construction sites and for other outdoor needs.

With a lower gel point than traditional heating oil, kerosene is ideal for warming mobile homes and some residences that lack foundations in the colder temperatures of New England.

Atlantic Fuels also delivers kerosene for storage in outdoor tanks.

As with Atlantic’s heating oil deliveries, you can arrange for scheduled automatic kerosene delivery service so you never have to worry about your kerosene tank running low.

Schedule home kerosene delivery service today from Atlantic Fuels—the area’s most reliable heating fuel company—serving Epping, Rye and surrounding areas in Southern Maine. 

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