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Get reliable, hassle-free propane delivery at the best prices in Portsmouth NH.

Atlantic Fuels Provides Propane Delivery in Portsmouth NH and the surrounding Seacoast Areas

Our propane delivery company in Portsmouth NH has been serving our customers since 2000. We pride ourselves on always delivering reliable, courteous service, at guaranteed fair prices.

Atlantic Fuel’s is the leading propane delivery company in Portsmouth NH. Our automatic propane delivery services and payment options make it simple and easy for you to keep your home or business warm throughout the unpredictable New England winters that we all know (and sometimes love).

Why is Propane a Popular Residential Heating Oil in Portsmouth NH?

Clean & Natural. Propane gas is a clean and approved alternative to other heating fuels and has been listed in the Clean Air Act since 1990. Propane can be a substitute for other heating fuels such as gasoline and fuel oil and is a more eco-friendly choice and a viable step toward cleaner air. Having propane gas as an alternative can reduce the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and air pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

It’s dependable. Propane is a dependable choice that millions of Amercian’s trust and rely on everyday. Propane always delivers, even during the unpredictable and ever changing New Hampshire weather, storms, and natural disasters. You can rest assured knowing that propane will continue to heat and power your home, business, and even off-grid farms.

It’s plentiful. The US produces more than enough propane to meet both the need and demand. In fact, America. is the leading producer of propane. This clean-burning alternative to gasoline and diesel can address energy challenges while long-term renewable technologies are developed.

It’s economical. Although there have been steady declines in oil prices, domestic propane fuel production is predicted to continue growing rapidly, reducing the average propane prices relative to oil prices.

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Our team of dedicated professionals at our propane delivery company in Portsmouth NH are ready to meet all of your propane needs. As a customer at Atlantic Fuels, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll receive high quality propane gas, superior customer service and the peace of mind that your heat is our top priority.

For more information about Atlantic Fuels’ propane deliveries and prices in Portsmouth NH, and the surrounding Seacoast NH areas, please call us at (603) 964-6967 or email us today.

I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service I experienced today, Sunday. I was running dangerously low on oil and placed a call this morning and within the hour a delivery truck arrived. Can’t beat that! Thank you for helping me avert a potential disaster.”

Dana L. in Portsmouth, NH

“Thank you Julie! I always appreciate you and your company’s prompt service and follow up. So glad I found you guys a couple of years ago, when you bailed me out from not being able to get a timely enough delivery during a cold snap!”

Doug C. in Dover, NH

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Get reliable, hassle-free propane delivery at the best prices in Portsmouth NH.